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Welcome to Incite Fitness.


We are a brother and sister duo who have been extremely involved in the fitness industry for about 10 years now. Fitness and healthy living is not just an “in fad” for us, it has become an integral part of our lives. We were both successful athletes (me a swimmer, my sister a softball player) at early ages and have continued to participate in sports competitively post-college through local leagues.


While I personally am a Mechanical Engineer by trade, I have probably consumed about as much fitness information as I have read engineering texts. Since I have a very high metabolism myself and have always struggled with putting on size, I specialize in the best ways for men to gain muscle mass in a reasonable amount of time, and I focus on doing this the healthy way (not eating 12 McDonald’s double cheeseburgers a day).


In addition to gaining muscle mass I continuously research and try different workout gear in order to really understand the effects that particular products have on your body and the way they can influence your workouts.


My sister has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and specializes in aquatic therapy and orthopedics. She has experience working directly with PA’s in some of the most reputable Orthopedic Specialist’s offices in California. Her dedication to fitness and nutrition shows through her dedication to helping those who have been injured or have been diagnosed with complicated diseases and need help with rehabilitation or general strength. In addition to understanding everything there is to know about the body and the way it moves and operates, she understands the key elements of eating healthy and the value of a stable nutrition plan.


We started this page with the intention of helping people. Our morals and values are rooted in those of achieving a truly healthy lifestyle through the right fitness plans, nutrition information and products, and the best gear on the market. We have always been a major driving force behind our teammates successes through motivation and moral support.


We hope that you find our reviews extremely helpful and that our articles are educational enough to help you to succeed in your fitness goals.


If you ever have any questions about any of the products we review, or want to know more about a subject we are talking about, please leave a comment below. We love responding to our readers and hearing about your lifestyle. In addition we really want to know if you’ve had personal experiences with the products that we review or the programs we recommend.


Also, if you have any products that you really want us to check out, we highly recommend you send us an email at dalton@incitefitness.org or makenzie@incitefitness.org and we will get a review up on that product as soon as we get a chance to test it out for ourselves!




Dalton & Makenzie